Friday, October 28, 2016

UC Berkeley Allows Racism

I will not hire anybody who graduates from California.

Never.  Ever.

Run Guts Pull Cones

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Dear Millennials: Stop Majoring in Stupid Bullshit

You may choose a wise major here.

Why Debt and Deficits Don't Matter

I rarely pick fights.  But every once in a while there is such a falsehood, propaganda, or outright lie that comes about it cannot go unanswered.  And this is one of those cases.

A client hired me to address an article a man by the name of Mike Norman wrote about how debts and deficits don't matter.  I was hoping for a cogent argument, but it was so poorly written and so blatantly false, I along with many others couldn't let it go unanswered.

Mike received such a backlash, that he disabled the comments on the article AND put together a response video to his detractors, presenting an equally cogent counter-argument of "you're all just fucking stupid." (the comments are depressing as it shows you just how easily sheeple believe you can print off more money, certainly vote down the sycophants' upvotes)

I find this odd (but confirming) because the man has a masters in economics and 30 years experience.  I was hoping to find an argument that I wouldn't necessarily agree with, but at least a cogent one where I could "see where he was coming from."  Sadly the "you're fucking stoopid if you don't get this" counter argument confirms my suspicions most people in the economics professor simply don't know what they're doing if this 4th grade "I know you are but what am I" type response is all we get.

Regardless, the video I compiled for my client I think you'll find valuable because it addresses the issue as to whether or not debts and deficits matter.  Unfortunately, because it was in response to Mike's article, it was couched in, and therefore has to cut through, all the smoke and mirrors of purist-Keynesian self-delusion in his article.  Still, let this be a valuable lesson.

Reserve currency or not.
Central bank printing presses or not.
Borrowing from Bob to pay Bill or not.
All debts, to have value, must inevitably be paid off with the requisite amount of economic production.

And to contend otherwise is simply lying to, and further endebting, younger generations so people today can live off of the children of tomorrow.

Enjoy the decline!

Post Post

Mr. Norman has responded with a counter argument (see below) that in intellectual honesty I wanted to share with you all.  It's somewhat of a complicated and nuanced argument that for those of you without degrees in economics may not understand.  However, I believe this higher level debate has shown some light onto Mr. Norman's position on MMT and hyper inflation.  Again, if you don't understand the argument, I can break it down into layman's terms for you.  Additionally, I wanted to thank Mr. Norman for further expounding on his position so we can all progress towards a higher understand of economics:

Why Millennials Need Don Rickles

Donning my “Charming as Fuck Tuxedo,” I was feeling a bit smug since I bought it when I was 19 and still managed to fit into it 23 years later.  After posting a couple pictures on teh interwebz and social mediaz my ego was further vindicated with tons of likes and even the occasional female saying,

“Wow, for the first time I don’t want to throw up when I see you!”

But the reason I was donning my rarely-donned tux was because it was a special occasional.  I was going to see the (quite literally) legendary Don Rickles, who at the age of 90 is not only still performing, but may not be performing for us much longer.

Being familiar with his work I knew what to expect in terms of comedy and shtick, but what I didn’t know was how he would perform physically and whether it would be a short show.  At his age he certainly wouldn’t be able to repeat his energetic performances from the 60’s and 70’s.  And so I tempered my expectations of a boisterous man, whose loudness was to only be outdone by his laser-guided-precision as he masterfully flayed witting and honored members of the audience.

I was wrong to temper my expectations.

Mr. Rickles is of course very old and naturally he had to sit down most of the time.  But his brain was just as fast as it had always been.  Pulling happy victims from the audience he would ask what they were ethnically and do everything from goose-stepping if you were German, calling you a fag if you were Swedish, and asking “Why are there Chinks in Iowa” if you were Chinese and grew up in Des Moines.  There were no hecklers, but overenthusiastic fans, some of which were women, who when they “wooed” or “hollered” Mr. Warmth would say, “my god they all want my body.”  Further blasting past any concerns for political correctness he, in the witness of a sold out crowd, plainly, blatantly, and purposely sexually harassed a female drummer in the orchestra telling her to come up to his room after the performance, to which the entire audience and drummer herself laughed.  
It was a great time enjoyed by a (much older than myself) crowd and I’m happy as hell I got to see him before he passes on to join Frank and his mother.  But that was the key thing.  The crowd was much older.  Which means it was much more mature.   And because of that this crowd got to enjoy a type and level of humor no stereotypical Gen Xer or millennial of today every will because, in what I would surmise Don Rickle would say…

”You’re all a bunch of faggots.”

Understand Mr. Rickles has lived a full life, served in WWII, has been married 51 years, has a career that has spanned 60, has a full family, contributed more to this world than you ever will, and at the age of 90 is the poster child for “zero fucks to give.”  He is completely untouchable by today’s thought police, academia’s nazis, and the complete faux-intellectual pussies posing as millennial liberal art students.  This position means he is the perfect barometer of truth and reality because he is immune and pardoned from any of the would-be attacks that would come from (what I would predict Mr. Rickles would call) “precious faggots.”  The millions of weak-minded fools that parade themselves today as faux-intellectual college students, professors, politicians and journalists would not be able to be in the room with this great legend for more than 10 seconds without their weak and fragile minds being more triggered than there was triggering in all of WWII.  And because of their hubris and arrogance these SJW’s, millennials, and perpetual-victim-status-seekers would merely dismiss this genius and jewel of America because “racism” and “sexism.”

Which is ultimately and truly their loss.  For in merely dismissing Don Rickles as an outdated “has been” they miss out on not just the humor, but some vitally important lessons his humor teaches us about humanity.

Understand the average American today, with its complete sheeple regimen of 13 years K-12 brainwashing and an extra 4-8 years of worthless academic study, is likely to be triggered just in the fact there was a sell-out crowd enjoying (GASP!!!) RACIST AND SEXIST JOKES, because they have been trained to be

Constantly offended
2.       Constantly be on the look out to be offended
3.       Constantly be searching for ways to be a victim, all so they can
4.       Demand taxpayer money because they’re oppressed or disable (link to article on IVF)

This means they not only fail to realize it’s a joke (ARGUABLY some leftists are not even capable of enjoying or identifying humor), but that they lack other important skills it takes to survive in this world.

The first and foremost skill insult-humor hones is the ability to determine if you can trust somebody.  Understand only true egomaniacs, people who value themselves above others, take offense at a joke that pokes fun at them.  They are so full of themselves and value themselves more than others that they can’t brook an insult, joke or not.  This is why racial or sexist jokes are a great determiner of whether a person is humble, doesn’t value him/herself more than others, and has the intelligence to not only be able to identify humor, but appreciate it as well.  Irish jokes, black jokes, German jokes, white jokes, Polish jokes, you’ll trust your kids more with a guy who can laugh at a joke at his own expense than you will one that gets his panties in a bundle.  Matter of fact this is such a good skill to have I implicitly do NOT trust anybody who compliments me or calls me “sir.”  It would genuinely freak me out and depress me if my friends all of the sudden started treating me nice because it meant I had done something that made them feel uncomfortable and they are now acting disingenuous.

Two, it’s a secret tell. 

To a charlatan, con man, or anybody trying to get something out of you, logic says you should treat people nice so they like you.  But anybody who has tried to date women or make friends with men know that acting nice gets you nowhere.  Most people who are trying to screw you over cannot get past this simple logical fallacy because their untrustworthy goals are not long term or sincere, but more immediate.  Therefore they don’t care about you long term because they have no intentions for you long term.  This becomes immediately evident when they treat you nice right away (a bum about to beg for money calling you “sir”) and the hair on your neck stands up. 

Trustworthy people, on the other hand, have the urge or need to occasionally pick on those they love or care about.  Trustworthy people test others occasionally to see if that person can take it, and therefore has the capacity for selflessness, altruism, and above all else, humor, which makes them good candidates for friends and loved ones.  In return trustworthy, honorable people can take, will take, AND APPRECIATE a joke at their expense because at either a conscious or instinctual level they know it is a sign of care, consideration, or love.  This ability to ID trustworthy and untrustworthy people is arguably a more valuable benefit of insult humor than the humor itself.

Three, it is also a secret tell you’re a dick.

If your life support strategy is to:
constantly look for offense
so you can feign victimization
so you can demand other people’s money 

this strategy, though you think it’s clever and clandestine, stinks to high hell.  And so much so it will immediately raise the self-defensive instincts of others, even to the point they automatically disrespect and hate you, but don’t know why.

For example, do you like this person even though you don't know him?  

How can you?  There’s physical tells these SJW type of people are evil and fully intend on living off of you.

But in addition to having a very punchable face, these people cannot laugh at themselves, let alone find humor in anything, AND it all stems from their constant attempt to parasite off of others.  If this is you, you will NEVER have any real life time friends, you will NEVER have an honest or reliable spouse, your children will NOT grow up to become successful, and you will never have any success or happiness in life.  It’s all because you look to live off of people and not be friends with them.

Four, constructive, but loving criticism. 

The black community is largely in last place because nobody wants to hurt feelings or deliver, blunt force truth.  But if you look at black men in the military they tend to do much better in nearly every category.  Not only is this a function of blunt truth (of which there is plenty in the military), but the comradery and help from fellow men wherein the constant ripping, joshing, belittling, and besmirching build and forge better, stronger, and more trustworthy men.  However, ensconced in this smack talk and insults are hidden bits of constructive criticism.  Constructive criticism that’s there NOT because the person hates you or is bigoted towards you, but because the person genuinely cares about you and wants you to do better.

“Nice shooting fuck face.  Know I can’t rely on you to protect my ass in the field.”
“No, you didn’t scare her with your 50 texts in 24 hours.  You just made her call the cops and put your ass on a sexual predator list.”
“Hey dicknuts, WTF were you thinking majoring in communications was a good idea?”

But if you’re a pampered little civilian (black or not), and especially if you’re a precious, spoiled high school or college student with all sorts of ADHD, Asperger’s, and social anxiety disorder problems (definitely a monopoly of white SWPL folks), any incoming joke intended as either

an initial test of trustworthiness,
a genuine sign of care or compassion,
or a well-intended bit of constructive criticism couched in humor,

you will purposely misread as an insult because you value any potential victim-shekels you can squeeze from that person more than you do their potential friendship or comradery.

And finally, it’s funny. 

The fact two generations of Gen X and Baby Boomer professors, politicians, and public school teachers have brainwashed your faggoty asses so far up your faggoty asses you can’t take a joke means you’re denying yourselves one of the greatest forms of humor and the joy that comes with it.  The fact that millions of SJW’s mental growth is so retarded and stunted that a Dean Martin celebrity roast wouldn’t get a laugh is tragic.  What young people are missing out on in terms of the ability to laugh at ourselves and the friendship that comes with it is incalculable.

When you add it all up, I cannot imagine a life without these 5 skills/benefits that come from insult humor.  I would not have the trustworthy, loving people I have in my life today, I would not have the thousands of hours of joy, laughter and happiness under my belt, and for the life of me I don’t know how the SJW, leftist, victim-pimping, millennials live or enjoy life without it.  I imagine many of you live a Stalinesque lives where destroying others is all you have in life.  Or worse, you’re so blinded by your race and the constant victim-pimping from school, you’ll never enjoy this humor or the true kindness that is behind it.

If there was any justice in this world, and colleges and universities were truly “institutions of free thought and open minds,” they would send their students to see Don Rickles.  But since they’re more concerned about banning types of free speech that promoting it, it is (in my humble opinion) every Millennial’s job to see Don Rickles more for their own sake than his.

And if you just plain have your head out of your ass and aren’t a (as I would predict Don RIckles would say) “a millennial faggot,” go see him before this great man passes away.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Episode #170 of The Clarey Podcast!

Never get between a man and his work.
Studies and dens.
The world of insomniacs.
Silicon Valley Virgins.
Parents who hate their children send them to Temple Univeristy.
A fat sow on an airplane.
Good to see principals getting punched.
Your teachers hate you and are using you.


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Are There ANY Masculine Millennial Male Role Models???

I noticed something a bit odd.

Tom Cruise and Mark Wahlberg are the two main guys heading up the two main action movies in play right now.  Cruise is over 50 and Wahlberg is over 40.

Where the heck are the Millennial male action heroes???

So when I tweeted this out, an Agent in the Field returned this.  The top 40 or so actors under 35.  And bar Captain American and Thor (both actors are Chris I believe), the rest of them a pussies for god's sake!  Seriously, look at those limp-wristed, pansified girly men.  Christ, the original Hans and Franz in SNL were more manly than this lot!!!!

Oh well.  Millennial girls worship at the altar of feminism.  I guess they got their dream come true with the men of this generation.

You're an Idiot for Attending Temple Univeristy

Forget whether these attacks are racially motivated or not, just drive up and down Broad street and you'll see the school is situated right in the dirtiest ghetto you've ever been in.

You are a fool for attending Temple University.
You are failing as a parent for letting them go there.

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Academia's True Ulterior Purpose Today - Propaganda Ministry

Historically college, university, academia and in general "higher education" has served three roles in society:

In the medieval times it was largely a luxurious pursuit of the elite and upper classes.  Learning languages, teaching latin, and reading philosophy was the preserve of rich or royal children so they could wear pantyhose (either men or women), powdered wigs, and impress equally talentless bluebloods at parties and balls before heads were put into guillotines.

During and after the industrial revolution, science and the scientific method replaced the liberal arts as academia's new role wherein pursuit of more practical studies would provide the knowledge and skills that would make a man's (or woman's) time infinitely more valuable.  From roughly the 1870's to the 1970's western civilization enjoyed the increasing opportunity to postpone work, enter college, learn a valuable trade and then enter the workforce, increasing their lifetime earnings multi-fold for what time they invested in college.

This then gave way to the third role academia played starting circa roughly the 1980's.  With now everybody going to college and EVERYBODY flooding the labor market, the value of degrees decreased.  Of course this didn't matter to most entitled and spoiled Gen X'ers, plus their baby boomer parents didn't know jack about economics, so the recommended they attend anyway.  So even though degrees were becoming increasingly worthless, demand for degrees was at an all-time high, nay, an entitlement to the "college experience."  And so the role of academia went from one of altruistic support and advancement of society, to that of maliciously capitalizing off of it.  The primary and ulterior goal of higher education was to now transfer as much wealth from younger generations to enrich an entire class of talentless liberal-arts majoring hacks posing as professors, teachers, sociologists and other liberal arts "professionals."

You would think this is the current and final stage of academia's evolution, however, there has been a fourth evolution.  And that would be one of becoming a veritable Ministry of Propaganda for various socialist, leftist, and communist political parties throughout the world.

This is not "hyperbole" or Alex Jones' like "conspiracy" simply because it's painfully obvious.

Academia has simply become a joke.

First you have a 2015 study that shows 2/3rds of psychology studies cannot be repeated.  We're not talking those cute studies you did in your (mandatory) Freshman Psychology class.  We're talking the tippy top, super elite, getting their doctorate, with "peer reviewed" level "authorities" and "experts" in their fields sending in slop and passing it on as empirically proven truth.  Given psychology is one of the more "legitimate" fields of the social sciences, it's practically guaranteed the rot is equal-or-greater in the remaining fields.  The entire realm of the liberal arts and humanities is debunked (and it's primary job would be re-validation instead of political propaganda).  But how much soul searching do you see these "social scientists" doing versus vehemently defending their quackery as today's education bubble spectacularly bursts?

Second is the BLATANT political agenda. Forget that over 90% of stunted-adult-children professors vote religiously left and purposely direct nearly all of their studies towards the rationalization of stealing other people's money, just look at the modern day shit show that is academia today.  Genuine black bigots who hate white people demanding segregated housing at UCLA, the tiring and completely fabricated drama of zhe zer and non-binary gender pronouns, and the limitless number of stories where PAINFULLY OBVIOUS socialist indoctrination is passed on for "freshman orientation."  The only thing more enraging than this naked grab for youth's minds and our money, is the balless parents who stupidly still pay for their idiot childrens' worthless degrees.

And if none of that convinces you, there is again no limit to the number of stories where you find out your hard earned tax dollars are subsidizing some worthless parasite acting as a graduate student as they pursue research in some popcockery or another.  The most recent one that comes to mind is Lisa Jordan Powell, a hack, who is studying how pumpkin spiced lattes cause racism.  I'd like to say I'm joking, but academia has become the joke.  If you seriously think with this blatant racist, sexist, communist crap that academia still has some merit or is somehow not a parasitic organization here to live off of otherwise hard working people, then fuck you, you're a liar, and I pray for the day the world collapses so there is no law and I meet you for coffee.

Regardless, you combined all of this veritable bullshit and the precise goal of academia’s new ulterior motive is perfectly clear - to get the American public to no longer trust their own eyes.  The goal is to, through “official academia studies,” redefine lies as truth, even though the world around us collapses and everybody is worse off.  It is to designate “academia” as the final arbiter of truth, allowing the parasites, scum, thieves, psychos, SJW’s, cowards, and tyrants in both academia and politics their continued theft of society’s money and hard-earned wealth unopposed and unabated.

To what few eyes remain unbrainwashed it is plainly obvious academia is nothing more than a cowardly, sniveling, Ministry of Truth for global socialism.  For the rest of the sheeple, however, whether they’re just plain stupid or are conscious worthless, parasitic participants in this game, it’s the only thing they have in their meaningless, pointless lives.  And since the west is all democracies, you can more or less be guaranteed to be forced to enjoy the decline.
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You Think I Joke About Wyoming

Ahhhh, Casper, Wyoming.  The town that if I ever get movie rights to my fictional book we will start filming "Angry Mass Murdering Killer Economist" there immediately with live ammo and nobody will be acting, but everybody will be a star!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Curse Free Episode #9 of The Clarey Podcast!

Cappy's GF commandeers the Captain's chair!
The Clarey National Debt Plan.
Prostitution in Wyoming for cheeseburgers.
Test tube babies for all!!!
VirginTOW and feminism now officially disabilities!


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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Friday, October 21, 2016

The Clarey National Debt Plan

In part because the economy was collapsing, in part because I found it easier to analyze economies instead of companies, I made a foray into currency trading about 10 years ago.  Analyzing companies was becoming boring, not to mention more of a game predicting which government policy would affect which industry as opposed to looking at fundamentals like earnings, debt, and cash flow.  And so, using techniques nearly identical to those I used in commercial lending, I bought some Swiss Francs, Australian Dollars, and Singaporean Dollars.

I did well.

Very well.

And because of the leveraged nature of currency trading was starting to wonder if this wasn't a quick way toward riches and my true calling.  That was until....

the Swiss central bank decided it's currency was too strong and purposely started to pummel it's own currency.  Once again, I would have to predict government policy and not economics or fundamentals as the currency market was no longer efficient, but merely a reflection of government and bureaucrats.

But then it got me thinking.

"Wait, if countries purposely weaken their currencies because there's a benefit (in this case, their export industry doesn't lose business or jobs because their goods are in higher demand overseas), then there must also be SOME kind of benefit to having a strong currency as well.  In other words, in a "equal but opposite force"-type-law of economics (that I truly believe exists) what would be the benefit of a country with a strong currency?"

And then I made the connection.

Purchasing power.

I witnessed this the more I traveled overseas and realized in Mexico, Jamaica, the Bahamas, even Canada, countries would gladly accept greenbacks, saving me and other American visitors the pain of converting currencies.  I also remember a John Stossel episode where he could more quickly hail a cab in Russia flashing US dollars (and cigarettes) than the local Rubles.

But then it really dawned on me.

If a country were to have a very strong currency, if it were to adhere to free market economics, then it wouldn't weaken its currency to protect it's export base.  It would let its citizens buy world goods AND INVESTIBLE ASSETS on the cheap.

This made me wonder "couldn't the US immediately after WWII just printed off a couple billion dollars and buy all the world's productive assets in 1945?"

Which makes me wonder, "Couldn't we do the same today?"

And this is the underpinning epiphany of The Clarey National Debt Plan.

While other people's national debt reduction plans are based on some combination of cuts, fiscal discipline, frugality, and taxation, my idea is much more international and opportunistic.  For while the US may not be in its supreme position it once was back in (the evil, racist, oppressive) 40's and 50's, the truth is neither is the rest of the world.  And poor as our finances are, the world's is even worse.  Alas, we still have the world's reserve currency and we can (and do) abuse the hell out of it.

For example the money supply (using the monetary base as the measure) has increased 350% under Obama.  That should result in inflation of 350%, but it hasn't.  The money has been sopped up in recapitalizing banks, bailing out bad mortgages, and bailing out other bad investments, wherein the money sits on a balance sheet or in a vault, never allowed to circulate (and thus cause inflation) in the economy.  The money has also been used to finance bubbles such as new mortgages, student loans, and corporate buy backs of their own stock where inflation has occurred, but we don't care about it because we like it when "stocks go up," "housing prices go up," and millennials believe "you can't put a price on education."  The third area this money has gone is overseas where countries such as China, Russia, Brazil, and all of Europe are in such WORSE financial shape, our dollar and it's horrible fundamentals are still relatively attractive and act as a "safe haven" investment.

In other words we're like the only girl in Casper, Wyoming with all of her teeth.  Hideous, disease infected, and the mother of 4 from 3 different baby daddies, but we're still the best looking horse in the barn.

I say "why not capitalize on this?"

Since printing money does not (directly or immediately anyway) result in inflation, why don't we avail ourselves of this undeserved purchasing power, print off $22 trillion, and go on an acquisitions binge across the globe?  I say "acquisitions binge" and not "pay off the national debt" because, while printing off $22 trillion to merely pay off our debt is possible, I do believe the global markets and rest of the world aren't THAT dense and they would immediately dump the dollar immediately causing real inflation at home.  But if we instead INVEST that $22 trillion in assets that generate an annual profit not only does that give those $22 trillion in US dollars intrinsic value (and thus hopefully stave off inflation), but the annual profits from these investments could be used to pay down the debt.  And that's the twist to the "Clarey National Debt Plan."

I've ran some figures.

There's $44 trillion in publicly traded global equities of the G20 nations.  These securities on average pay a dividend yield of 3.156%.  You may ask "why would you only print off $22 trillion, why not a full $44 trillion and buy these global equities outright" and the reason why is you don't want the US government becoming majority shareholder of anything.  They'd ruin the underlying investment forcing unnecessary corporate social responsibility initiatives, under-performing minorities in positions of power, mandating carbon footprint quotas, and a whole slew of politically motivated leftist slop that would destroy the profit potential of these firms.  You want the US government to be a silent, non-participatory, non-intervening partner, and ensuring they only own 49.9% (thus the $22 trillion) of these firms is a way to do that.

A 3.156% annual dividend yield on $22 trillion generates $694 billion in proceeds each year.

Assume there's a balanced budget (which is the LEAST likely assumption in all of this theoretical plan, and sadly, I'm not joking), and the national debt is paid off in a maximum of 28 years, probably less assuming growth in earnings (there's technically a way we could eliminate the national debt in a year or two, but I'm not paid enough to consult on these matters).

Now admittedly there's plenty wrong with this idea.

One, printing off $22 trillion (I would hope) would cause the currency markets to crash (indicating there's at least some sanity left in this world).  But here's where the juicy irony lies.  We just almost quadrupled the money supply under Obama/Yellen/Bernanke.

I ask you one simple question:

Where did all that money go?

If you look at the federal reserve balance sheet and the federal budget this newly minted money went to the following places:

1.  Bailing out unprofitable banks
2.  Bailing out other unprofitable financial firms
3.  Bailing out unprofitable people who borrowed more than they could afford
4.  Bailing out people either via welfare, EBT, social security, etc., ie - parasitic people who do NOT produce a net positive economic production
5.  Wars/military (where in once again, the purpose of the military is to destroy things, not make a profit)
6.  Forcing the tax payer to bail out millennials from their worthless, idiotic degrees (oops, wait, that hasn't happened...yet)

In other words, NOT ONE PENNY was an actual investment as you expect to get a positive return on investments.  These were expenditures on money losing operations, money losing people, money losing wars, and the just plain losers, degenerates, and scum of our society.  There was no hope of profits, earnings, dividends, cash flow, or capital gains.  It was simply a pissing away of money.

When you realize this you'll see my plan is INFINITELY more sound, logical, and sane because there's an actual profit at the end of this $22 trillion investment.  And that's the key word - it's an investment.  If markets are as sane as they are now, and consistent, the dollar should (ironically) SURGE compared to other country's currencies because unlike Greece, Japan, Europe, Brazil, and nearly every other country we wouldn't be bailing out our country's losers, but investing in global winners.

This then leads to the second problem - inflated stock prices.

If it were to get out the US government was on a $22 trillion global spending spree stock prices would jump to the point the purchasing price would no longer make this plan viable.  Additionally, as it just so happens, central banks are already doing this just the same.  But while smaller central banks such as the Swiss, Singaporean, etc., might go and take such actions, they're too small to drive prices up significantly on the global markets.  The US is too big.  Ergo, kind of like China, they'd have to do it clandestinely and secretly through unremarkably named subsidiaries and shell companies.  This would take some time to slowly, indirectly, and discreetly amass a $22 trillion global equity portfolio, but in time it could be done, especially if there are dips or crashes in the market.

There are other problems with "The Clarey National Debt Plan," but truthfully it would be a waste of time further exploring what is already an academic, theoretical exercise.  The balls that would be required to execute this plan just do not exist in the US.  While Japan and Australia have the spine to end their worthless degree bubbles, our president apologizes when he states the truth about art history degrees.  And the student loan bubble is merely 1/20th the size of our national debt problems.  However, we can learn something from this intellectual exercise aside from just what a bunch of self-deluding clowns and asshats the central banking/governmental/international finance "authorities" are.  And that lesson is the only source by which national debts can be paid off if through the economic production of the people.

In other words, government is not a solution to anything as it is the underlying people who are the ones with not only the power, but the economic production potential necessary to make good on whatever promises their governments made.  It is cute that today's international economy is so screwed up that the US could just waltz in, print off $22 trillion, and purchase the productivity of the world's productive classes, which would bail out our parasitic and lazy classes, but it doesn't change the fact that when it all boils down to fundamentals, economic production of the private sector is where ALL economic worth, value, and wealth comes from.  And if you really want to build a successful society, civilization, or country, I suggest you found it around this key and vital principle.

In the meantime you central bankers, government bureaucrats, and international bond traders enjoy the decline!
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"MGTOW" Now Officially a Disability According to UN

Well VirginTOW anyway.

I Will Never Hire a Modern Day Liberal Arts Graduate

Unless you can clearly delineate yourself from this bullshit.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Did Obama Help Blacks?

Friends of mine asked me if I was going to watch the debate tonight.  I said, no, I was going to dedicate my time towards something more important instead.  Specifically, I was going to provide the answer to the question millions of Americans have been waiting for these past 8 years:

Did Obama help blacks?

So if you care to advance your mind and help make meaningful progress to help improve the economic lot of blacks (as opposed to having your brain cells destroyed by watching Cheech and Chong duke it out), turn off the TV, pour yourself a drink, and let us look at some empirical data.

To be blunt, Barack Obama, "magic negro" as he might be, no longer has the time left in his presidency to do anything meaningful or helpful for the nation.  As Americans are glued to the shitshow that is going on between arguably the most corrupt person in America and a man who has diarrhea of the mouth, it is a short 3 months before one of those two is sworn into office, replacing America's first (sort of) black president.  Ergo, I think I can safely assume it's OK to start measuring the improvement blacks have enjoyed under the Obama presidency, without too much of a margin of error between now and January 20th.

So how did America's first Kaepernick-esque president do in improving the lives of blacks?


Matter of fact, you wouldn't have thought a "sorta black" guy was even president.

The first and most important measure of economic well-being - median income - not only showed a worsening gap between blacks and whites, BUT OVER ALL NOMINAL DECLINES IN INCOMES FOR BLACKS!  In other words, blacks not only lost ground against whites in income, but their incomes fell by 2%!!!

The second, and arguably second-most important measure of economic well-being - net household wealth - also showed deterioration against a white-measuring stick.  At the beginning of the recession (before Obama took over) white wealth was 10 times that of your average black person, while 2013 (the latest data available) showed it worsening to 13x's that of blacks.

Third, life expectancy.

Here some genuine progress has been made.  In 8 years (though the latest data is only up till 2014) Obama has managed to close the life expectancy gap by almost 1%.  Sadly, this is likely more due to whites drinking more and having more complications of gluttonous behavior, but I guess you gotta take a win when you can get one.

Fourth, crime.  Sadly, like life expectancy, no real improvement either (arguments against incarcerations rates vs. arrest rates duly noted, the data is the best data I could find available AND of a consistent measuring nature).

Fifth, unemployment.  Not only a very important measure of economic well-being, but again, absolutely no progress in closing the gap between whites.

Now we could go on, and I'm sure as more recent data emerges there will be no surprises, but the FACT is that the plight of blacks HAS NOT improved under Barack Obama.  No measurable or significant improvement has been made and the past 8 years HAS BEEN COMPLETELY WASTED in terms of helping blacks (and hispanics too if you care to look at the data) close the wealth, income, employment, crime, and life expectancy gaps.

And this utter failure (not to mention the doubling of our national debt) grants the likes of me, and everybody else who has been saying socialism is not what is going to "save the blacks," the right to start asking some serious questions of everybody who supported this failure of a president.

1.  If you'll permit me to plagiarize Donald Trump, "What DO you have to lose?"  Be it the more-than-adequate track record of large liberal cities headed up by leftist, liberal mayors (black or not), the academic performance of your children, your job prospects, or the plethora of economic data presented above, when does the black community wake the fuck up and realize the democrats and the socialism they're offering are NOT the solution?  This isn't to say Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, or even Jessie Jackson don't care to improve the plight of blacks, but that they are WRONG when it comes to the medicine they're prescribing.  And before you start blaming it on other people with "but it's the evil republicans" or "white institutional" or "but but but," I think it's about time the black community start realizing it's not whitey paying the price, but themselves for this constant lying to themselves.

2.  Do you know what 11% is?

That's the percent of your life you just wasted, spending 8 years on false hope Obama promised you.  This not only goes for the black community (who have shorter life expectancies btw), but the white, hispanic, and all other people who think that socialism, free health care, and, frankly, using the government to bail out people from their mistakes (be it an illegitimate child or bankster scum) is going to help improve the lives of minorities.  This unfounded and religiously-stupid belief that government is the solution to people's self-inflicted problems just got debunked (again).  But like all experiments with socialism, it didn't come free.  It cost another three generations of blacks their youth, their time, and their mortality.  But hey, at least some rich, upper middle class academians with their sociology degrees got to feel good and some politicians got re-elected to cushy government positions.  And that's worth all the murdered blacks in Chiraq this year.

3.  Do any of you white leftists feel any guilt for misleading the black community down the wrong path for another 8 years?  Is it because you lack the spine to tell them the harsh truths about escaping poverty and achieving economics success?  Or is it because it's just so much easier to tell them pretty lies so they like you, vote for you, and don't call you racist?  Or do you make too much money on them heading up some bullshit academic department like "African American Studies" or "Diversity Director" or any one of the thousands of non-profit jobs that fail to ACTUALLY IMPROVE the lives of black people?  I know you make money off of selling them into poverty, but hey, better they live in poverty than you work a real job, right?

4.  Will you leftists now stop accusing people who disagree with Obama's/socialist policies of racism when it's empirically clear these policies do NOT improve the lives of minorities?

and finally

5.  Will the black community have the self respect to set aside its emotion, pride, ego, and tribalism, and instead in an effort to improve itself make an honest and long-term commitment towards empiricism, logic, the scientific method, facts, reason, discipline, reality, and hard work?  I understand the sheer scope and consistency of lies told these past 50 years is compelling, completely self-validating, even angering.  But with nothing to show for it, with no measurable improvement, how many MORE generations of blacks must live in a dead-last place position relative to whites for these failing social experiments to go on?

ANY self-respecting black person who wishes to improve their (and their childrens') lot in life owes themselves at minimum an alternative strategy, or at least the right to explore other explanations as to their poverty.  And I suggest you don't look at the tired and failed policies of socialism for the answer, but an alternative explanation in freedom, liberty, self-ownership, and responsibility.
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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

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